This startup in Berlin literally brings customers to your door

A number of delivery services are popping up to bring food from a spectrum of low to upscale restaurants to homes and offices, Uber Eats, Caviar, Delivered Dish to name a few.  But how many companies bring the people to the restaurant?

HeyRide, a new app piloting in Berlin lets restaurants give free or subsidized taxi rides in exchange for booking a table at a restaurant.  So instead of restaurants spending money on print or digital marketing, they can spend it on physically bringing customers into their door.  When the customer opens the app they can see how much their subsidized taxi fare will cost based on their current location, book their ride and table all in one go.  See how it works here:

HeyRide calls themselves the world's first pay-per-ride platform, as opposed to pay-per-click or pay-and-pray. "We kept seeing all these food delivery ads and it seemed so depressing: eating on the sofa in sweatpants, looking at your phone. We wanted to make it easier (and cheaper) for people to get out and have an adventure every day. Plus, even the best restaurants have open tables. That’s why we’re here,” explains Katy McColl from HeyRide.

Restaurants can choose to pay for a one-way fare, round trip or subsidized amount. Once the customer books a table they receive a code to give the taxi driver so there is no money exchanged during the ride. HeyRide hopes to encourage a new wave of local marketing which inspires restaurants to invest in awesome customer service which they believe is "cooler and cheaper than ads." Not to mention it encourages safe transport and carefree purchases at the bar.

After Berlin, HeyRide plans to start working on expanding to cities in the U.S. but will go by a different name as the name has already been registered in the U.S. Lookout for them and copycats alike bringing customers to your door in the coming years.